What Do Faster Cycles Mean for Your Sales Pipeline?

One of the biggest challenges and advantages of modern marketing is the ability to access information anytime, anywhere.

On the plus side, it's easier than ever to identify personal profiles, generate leads, and collect user data.

On the other hand, it means sales cycles have drastically changed from what they used to be.

What's Changing?

When buyers are searching for your product online, they have access to direct comparisons immediately.

Potential leads can find a wealth of information in seconds- competitors, product reviews, your company's entire online presence.

Consumers are more informed than ever, which can be beneficial. You know your product is good quality, you know your team works hard, and you know your company has a great business plan.

Putting that information in front of potential buyers is a welcome opportunity. However, as true as this is for your company, it is also true for every one of your competitors.

Buyers can be overwhelmed with information, and it's hard to get their attention when they're scrolling through a list of similar services. This also means it's harder to start potential buyers on the sales journey for your product. Sales teams have to get attention sooner, jump in earlier, and expedite the sales journey to reduce churn and keep people on their sites.

Traditional sales cycles are speeding up. Buyers are searching for products directly and finding a wealth of information in seconds. Your product should not only stand up to your competition in a direct comparison, but also stand out using SEO and marketing techniques. That's no small order.

So how can sales and marketing teams rise to the challenge?

Targetted Prospecting

This is where Lead Onion comes in. 

With all of the information available online, not only can buyers see a great deal about your company, but your team can also see who's engaging with your brand. 

Lead Onion gives you visibility on companies who are engaging with specific keywords, attending events, recruiting, received and investment, and the list goes on. 

Company level data is great, but how do you get contact level data for the exact person you need to speak to within your target audience? How do you really hone in on those people you want?

With Lead Onion's Target Persona tool. 

See it in action here: 

Magic, hey? 

This then allows you to tailor your sales process even further, and supercharge your sales pipeline!

By tailoring your content to target the right personas, you can spend your time and energy on leads that are actually interested in your product.

When teams work smarter, not harder, they see results.

You know you have a smart team; make sure they have the tools they need to succeed.

Automated Outreach 

Now this really is where the magic happens. 

Let's set the scene, you've selected and revealled the key contact's within organisations who are showing intent in your industry. 

What do you do this them? 

With Lead Onion, you can automate your sales outreach from start to finish. 

Want to send them to another platform via our many integrations to nurture them further down the sales funnel? No problem.

Or do you want to manage these prospects via Lead Onion and automate your sales outreach? You guessed it, no problem. 

Sales cadences are your way of diversifying your outreach by connecting with your prospects via various channels.

Whilst allowing you to create a 'standard' of what sales outreach should be, ensuring prospects are recieving high quality, consistent, on brand content and communications regardless of the sales person.

Lead Onion Cadences

With our easy to use cadence builder, you could almost build them in your sleep, and you certainly can nurture them in your sleep with automation!

Want to learn more? 

We don't blame you. 

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