Revenue Marketing: Breaking Down Sales and Marketing Silos for Increased Revenue & ROI

Since the beginning of time (ish), Marketing and Sales cross team relations have been a little strained.

This historically testy relationship stems from both cultural and economic misalignment. The benefit of syncing these two powerful teams, not least in terms of ROI, is often overlooked.

According to Philip Kotler et al,

“When sales are disappointing, marketing blames the Sales Team for an otherwise brilliant rollout plan. The Sales Team, in turn, claims that Marketing sets prices too high and uses too much of the budget, which instead should go toward hiring more salespeople or paying higher commissions.”

Cultural conflict between Sales and Marketing is in part because the two functions attract different types of people who spend their time very differently.

However, they do have one thing in common – their ultimate goal. Both teams exist to grow the business with customer acquisition and revenue generation strategies.  

Sales and Marketing integration for Customer Acquisition

Revenue Marketing involves mutual goal setting, shared definitions, data and metrics, and the engagement of martech to modernize processes.

“The best examples of integration we found were in companies that already emphasized shared responsibility and disciplined planning; that were metrics driven; that tied rewards to results; and that were managed through systems and processes.” Kotler et al

Automated prospecting is a great place to start for mutual customer acquisition goals. 

“Lead Onion has transformed our marketing programme, we are no longer waiting for prospects to find us but instead filling our sales pipeline with qualified leads and our outbound campaigns are in overdrive as a result of the quality and quantity of data that Lead Onion provides.” Emma Gune, CEO Landed Hire 

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