Unleashing Growth: Lead Onion’s Journey to Success

Welcome to the captivating tale of Lead Onion's extraordinary journey to success. In this blog post, we'll dive deep into the strategies that propelled us to a staggering 162% surge in new leads, an impressive 97% reduction in cost-per-lead, a doubling of our win rate, and an incredible 176% rise in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

All of this was made possible through the innovative and powerful application of our Intent-Driven Sales Engagement Platform. Are you ready to glean insights and replicate this game-changing methodology to witness similar results for your business? Let's explore Lead Onion's remarkable transformation.



Navigating the competitive landscape of the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry is no small feat, and Lead Onion understood this challenge well. Beyond the complexities of building a standout product, the subscription-based model demanded a continuous influx of new leads and constant nurturing of prospects to ensure sustained growth.

Founded in 2020, we achieved initial success but set sights on a loftier goal – surpassing £1 million in annual recurring revenue by 2023. To achieve this, we needed to address the hurdles of a high cost-per-lead and extended sales cycles.


The Challenge

Lead Onion encountered significant hurdles with a staggering cost-per-lead of £4182.34 and a meager win rate of 3.4%, coupled with the added complexity of a prolonged 40-day sales cycle. These challenges were particularly daunting for our lean team, which lacked the resources needed for expansive marketing initiatives. Faced with this scenario, our primary objective became crystal clear: reduce the exorbitant cost-per-lead and expedite the sluggish sales cycle.

What sets our narrative apart is the innovative solution we embraced – a Growth-to-Market (GTM) strategy fueled by our very own Intent-Driven Sales Engagement Platform. Instead of succumbing to the constraints of our modest team and budget, we leveraged our platform's capabilities to revolutionize our approach. This strategic pivot not only addressed the immediate challenges but also positioned Lead Onion as a testament to the efficacy of our unique solution in overcoming obstacles and achieving remarkable results in the competitive landscape of the SaaS industry.


The Solution

In tackling the challenges faced by resource-strapped SaaS teams, we witnessed remarkable outcomes, including a notable 162% surge in new leads, a substantial 97% reduction in the cost-per-lead, reaching an impressive £89.30, and a doubling of the win rate from 3.4% to an outstanding 24%.



The strategic shift extended to bringing sales outreach content in-house, powered by AI, yielding both efficiency and cost savings. Our approach not only addressed the limitations of a constrained budget but also showcased the efficacy of Lead Onion's innovative solutions in empowering SaaS teams to navigate and overcome challenges with remarkable success.


Behind the Strategy

Rebecca outlined the key elements of Lead Onion's success:

1. Set in Motion Intent-Driven Prospecting: 

First and foremost, the team abandoned traditional static lead lists, opting for a more dynamic approach with automated, intent-driven prospecting. This shift allowed us to capture a staggering 3,000 new intent-showing companies on a daily basis, breathing life into a constantly evolving prospect pipeline.

2. Utilize Automated Contact Reveal: 

The second element focused on leveraging intelligent algorithms to unveil the contact details of prospects aligned with the target persona. Through this automated contact reveal process, we streamlined our prospecting efforts, ensuring a more targeted and efficient outreach approach.

3. Build 'Always On' Automated Workflows: 

A pivotal component of their success lay in the establishment of 'Always On' Automated Workflows. These workflows acted as the connective tissue, guiding and nurturing prospects based on their levels of intent. The result? A remarkable 97% reduction in cost-per-lead, a testament to the efficiency gained through the seamless integration of automation into our processes.

4. Adopt a Buying Signal-Focused Lead Nurturing Approach:

Recognizing the importance of adapting to buyer behavior, we shifted our lead nurturing strategy to center around buying signals. This approach, the fourth key element, led to a surge in leads and successful deal conversions, showcasing the impact of aligning strategies with the prospects' journey.

5. Drive Sales Engagement at Scale with Cadences:

Sales engagement took center stage in the fifth element, with Lead Onion employing Sales Cadences to connect with prospects across various channels. This not only significantly increased engagement but also automated the subsequent steps, providing a more streamlined and effective outreach process.

6. Track and Optimize Your Unique Sales Cycle: 

The sixth strategic move involved tracking and optimizing the unique sales cycle. Utilizing direct integrations, we successfully halved the sales cycle period from 40 to 20 days. This not only improved operational efficiency but also accelerated the conversion process, indicating a more agile and responsive approach to customer interactions.

7. Keep Your Data Current: 

The final piece of the puzzle involved keeping data current through the leveraging of Data Tools. This enabled us to maintain fresh and reliable data, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making processes. The transformation brought about by these seven key elements stands as a testament to the innovative and comprehensive approach that Rebecca and the Lead Onion team adopted, resulting in a success story that is both inspiring and replicable for businesses seeking growth in the competitive landscape of the SaaS industry.



Lead Onion's success story is an inspiring case study for SaaS startups seeking growth with minimal expenditure. With significant achievements and a cost-effective approach, we've paved a path to success that others can follow.

Now, it's your turn to seize the opportunity.

Transform challenges into growth opportunities with our Intent-Driven Sales Engagement Platform.

Read the full case study for an indepth understanding of our growth journey!

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