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Forget static lead lists, stale data and manual research. Find fresh new opportunities faster, with compliant B2B intent data that’s updated in real time.

Streamline prospecting
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Identify companies who are in the buying mode with Lead Onion’s comprehensive and privacy-compliant intent-driven company contact data. Never miss an opportunity. Leave the hard work to our ai-powered buyer intelligence tools. You create your watch list, and we’ll alert you when they are surging with intent.


Search companies who are in the Buying Mode

Being able to predict and understand the intention of your prospects is one of the single most important things a marketing or sales team can do in order to secure more leads and close a higher number of deals. Lead Onion activates intent data by giving users the tools to find in-market accounts and act on prospects’ buying signals.
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Activate buyer-intent data with 5 powerful Intent tools

Smash your sales targets month after month with advanced lead intelligence. We combine B2B intelligence with company contact data in one seamless platform to highlight your hottest leads based on what’s happening within your addressable market.

1 Social

With our advanced behavioural analytics you can identify which of your target companies are engaging with your competitors, attending relevant events or engaging with industry terms. Equipping your BDRs with the intel they need to engage with in-market buyers before your competitors.

2 Public

Identify companies that are displaying growth signals and reach out to them in real time with highly personalized communications. You’ll be able to see which of your target accounts are expanding their business, are hiring, have secured new funding, announced changes in leadership, added a new technology or received industry recognition.

3 Topic

Learn who is researching your product and reveal contact information for key decision-makers in minutes. We track intent signals from over 5,000 B2B business sites and show you prospects who are showing an increased interest in your relevant topics so you know who to target, when and with what content.

4 Review

When tech buyers are further down the funnel they will actively seek out reviews. If you are a G2 customer using Intent Data you can turn G2’s company level intent data into actionable contact level leads. Through our API, you can connect your G2 account to Lead Onion and automatically (or manually) reveal target contacts in those companies who are comparing technology solutions.

5 Website

The strongest indicator of intent is when a prospect visits your website. With Lead Onion you can turn your website into a lead generation engine. We go further than providing you with the companies that are visiting your site. We automatically provide you with the contact details for your key personas within those organisations so you will never miss a lead again.


Identify in-market accounts in seconds and activate buyer-intent data in minutes to propel your prospecting efforts. Make Lead Onion an integral part of your sales strategy to:

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