Buyer Intent Data During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Marketing during a Pandemic

Business owners and team leaders know how difficult it is to prospect good sales leads, even during normal periods.

During unpredictable times, when the world is economically and socially uncertain, it can feel overwhelming.

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live, work, and interact.

For many businesses, it has been a period of challenge and change.

With times of challenge though comes opportunites to think outside of the box. Marketing teams are getting creative, and the digital marketing field is getting bigger every day.

With people spending more and more time online, often outside of traditional office hours, marketers are switching up their strategies.

In the 2021 Gartner report, a survey of more than 500 business leaders revealed that 61% plan to spend more on business technology than they spent prior to the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic. This is a great opportunity for SaaS and business software companies, and buyer intent data can help caplitaise on this chance.

How Buyer Intent Data can help

To reach the right people for your product, you need Buyer Intent data.

Buyer Intent data can show you where potential clients are seeing your material, how they are engaging with it, and where they are on the sales journey.

With more people working remotely, traffic online has increased and spread out into evenings and weekends.

The Gartner report showed that in March of 2020, the Gartner Digital Markets network of sites saw buyer traffic increase on weekends by as much as 60%.

With Buyer Intent Data you can see when people are engaging with your material, what site referred them, and even what they're seeing from your competitors.

How does this help you close leads?

With Buyer Intent Data, you can tailor your messaging to meet potential clients where they are on the sales journey. Marketing teams can personalse emails, show ads on social media feeds at times you know your persona is active, and track what they're searching online.

Lead Onion Intent Data

In times of great uncertainty, buyers tend to be more fiscally prudent and cautious. Buyer intent data can show you what they need and what they're willing to spend on. This can help your marketing team show buyers why they should add your product to their list.

Understanding Buyer Behaviour in Uncertain Times

Although with the promise of vaccinations and a new hope on the horizon, things may begin to return to normal, we don't exactly know what that new normal will look like.

Traditional office hours may never go back to how they were, more people will work remotely going forward, and businesses are enterting a brave new world.

Give your company certainty where you can by implementing buyer intent data. By showering your business with intent data, you can ensure your team is making the most of potential leads and getting the most value out of customer interactions.

Empower your team to spend their time where it counts the most. 

Download the Guide to Buyer Intent to supercharge your results. 

Lead Onion Guide to Buyer Intent

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